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Microsoft Announces iPad Jailbreak Ahead of Launch

by Travis Harvey | April 1, 2010April 1, 2010 8:17 am PDT

Today, Microsoft announced via a press release that they will be publicly releasing a jailbreak workaround for Apple’s iPad that will be available to early adopters from day one.  The exploit reportedly takes advantage of a gaping security flaw found in iPhone OS 3.2’s version of Safari that was originally coded for Flash playback but was left unfinished after disagreements between Apple and Adobe reached a boiling point.

Last month, Adobe secretly reached out to Microsoft as tension between Apple and the Flash creator began to grow. In these secret meetings, Adobe revealed the security flaw to Microsoft and began working together towards a sabotage of Apple’s upcoming tablet device.  As iPad preorders have already been released for shipment, Apple is reportedly unable to patch the exploit before the devices reach consumers’ doorsteps.  The latest Windows 7 security update released earlier this week will allow iPad owners to simply connect the devices via USB to their PC and the jailbreak will begin automatically.

Detailed by Microsoft, the iPad jailbreak will breathe new life into the tablet devices, freeing them from Apple’s walled garden.  Once the jailbreak process has been completed, users will find themselves with a device originally leaked by Gizmodo late last year.  Through the absurd abundance of bezel found on the iPad and the malability of the aluminum casing, the jailbreak will transform both the hardware and software into the much rumored, never before seen Microsoft Courier; your own infinite journal.


Apple is said to be franticly working to patch as rumors surface that those lining up for Saturday’s launch may leave empty handed.  Steve Jobs was among those seen opening the hundreds of thousands still on Apple’s campus for a software update when it’s made available.  Until a fix has been released, Apple advises against any PC owners connecting their iPads to prevent the Courier hijacking.

We’ll keep you posted for any updates that come our way but this is sure shaping up to be Apple’s biggest misstep in the company’s history.  Will you be searching for a launch day iPad in hopes of activating the Courier jailbreak?  Let us know in the comments.