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Photoshop Content-Aware Filling Blows Minds

by Travis Harvey | March 25, 2010March 25, 2010 10:21 am PST

When Steve Jobs may or may not have referred to Adobe as lazy, there’s no way he was talking about the Photoshop team.  Take, for instance, an upcoming feature of Photoshop that can automagically (yes, it’s magic) remove parts of a picture based on the backgrounds around it.  You’ve only got part of a photo?  No problem!  This content-aware fill feature will create the rest by referencing the pixels surrounding it.  If you’ve ever done photoshop editing before, the speaker is right in that these effects would usually take exponentially work for a result of something similar.  If you’re not impressed I can’t help you, just know that this alone would be enough for plenty of Photoshop users to pony up the cash for this new version.  Check out the video and prepare to have your photo editing mind blown to pieces.