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VIV Mag’s Digital Magazine is Unlike Anything We’ve Seen

by Travis Harvey | March 19, 2010March 19, 2010 3:37 am PST

Until now, the strategy to transition from print magazines into a digital form has been one of page swiping with some interactive advertisements or videos thrown in as no-brainers.  Admittedly, the demos from both Sports Illustrated and Wired Magazine are already fairly impressive in the way they incorporate content beyond text and images.  VIV Mag has taken it a step further with the always popular “quick lists” that incorporates incredibly impressive CGI transitions, opting out of the dated page turning motion to which we’re so accustomed.  Take a look at the video above and remember that digital magazines haven’t even come close to their full potential.  Can you imagine what will eventually become the standard to digital magazine publishers?  Crazy!