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Let Google Maps Guide Your Bike Ride

by Winston Sih | March 12, 2010March 12, 2010 4:08 pm PST

bd1Many are already aware of Google’s attempt to take over the world.  You can run, drive and now bike, but you can’t hide.  Google made an announcement Tuesday night on plans to add bike routing and maps to their Google Maps service.

During the National Bike Summit in Washington, Google plans on adding the “most requested addition to Google Maps” and cyclers can lookup directions between two points, and select “bicycling” from the menu that allows you to choose the method of getting to the destination (walking, driving, or public transit).

Google gathers such information for this feature from the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and will include bike routes from 150 U.S. cities.  Shannon Guymon, Google Maps’ product manager says these cities will be made available as of Tuesday night, however, more U.S. cities will be added in the near future.

Google Maps users have been creating their own custom maps for large cities such as New York but this addition will be welcomed with open arms by cyclists.  Now, we have to see how accurate this service is, before someone goes missing in the woods.

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