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It’s That Time of the Month; iPad Pre-Orders Start Today

by Travis Harvey | March 12, 2010March 12, 2010 12:14 am PDT

It’s been a long road filled with more rumors than we thought possible but the once mythical Apple Tablet is finally getting the pre-order treatment almost a month ahead of the Wifi model’s official launch date.  If you’re looking to score the oversized iPod Touch, check out all the details below.

Until now, Apple has been silent on the exact time the iPad will be available for pre-order, announcing it solely as a March 12th event.  According to TUAW who reached out to Apple, “Customers can pre-order online at at 5:30 am Pacific time on Friday, March 12th.”  If you’re nowhere near an Apple store or want to avoid any early morning lines on April 3rd, your best option begins today and the sooner you lock in your order, the better chances you’ll have to receive your iPad by product launch.


All models will be available for pre-order at the same time to US residents, meaning anyone looking to pick up one of the three 3G-enabled models that aren’t scheduled to ship until late April can still place their orders starting today. International folks from the U.K., Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, Japan, Spain and Switzerland can expect to get their hands on both models sometime in late April, perhaps coinciding with the launch of the 3G version. If you absolutely have to have it before the end of April, consider mooching from a native U.S. friend that’d be willing to ship your device over the border.

It still remains a mystery which iPad model will be the fastest mover so if you’re planning on picking one up or once you’ve submitted your pre-order, be sure to let us know which model is most deserving of your hard-earned cash. The only thing between my iPad and me is a depressingly long three-week wait.  Share your model in the comments!