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HP Slate & iPad Battle It Out In Super Speed

by Travis Harvey | March 9, 2010March 9, 2010 2:52 am PDT

We realize not everyone is head over heels in love with the iPad and it’s pretty clear that HP does too. Those let down by the iPad’s shortcomings are looking to the inevitable HP Slate to offer a full desktop experience that includes Adobe Flash, multitasking, and a front facing camera.  Ahead of the newly aired commercial for Apple’s iPad, HP released a teaser for their own multitouch tablet competitor that takes the same lightspeed approach to showing off the device, swiping and pinching through frame after frame.  Looks like they beat Apple to the punch.  The finishing blow comes in the video description that reads, “Access the full web and not just part of it!”  Take a look at the teaser above and let us know which is more impressive.  Now if only HP could land the Fatality…