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Penguin Shows Off Real eBooks

by Travis Harvey | March 4, 2010March 4, 2010 10:17 am PST

For the most part, eBooks today consist of text and maybe a few images scattered throughout.  Fortunately for their customers, Penguin Books understands there can be more to a book than just text.  On Tuesday, Penguin Books CEO John Makinson took some time to show off some ideas that they’ve been working on to bring their content to digital devices.  Instead of heading straight to the iBookstore, Penguin’s building applications in HTML that allows the embedding of streaming audio and video into their eBooks. One of the most impressive comes at the end as the user can hold up an iPad to the sky and using the built in compass and accelerometer is shown the constellations that they’re looking towards.  Penguin certainly has some great ideas in store but its nice to see book publishers going beyond plain ol’ text.