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How Important is Simultaneous Voice & Data To You?

by Travis Harvey | February 25, 2010February 25, 2010 4:07 pm PST

When Verizon opened fire on AT&T’s network with their now famous “There’s a map for that” ads, things really got heated.  Between the lawsuits and mudslinging and the media statements, it’s been one of the most heated competitive advertising wars aside from that exhausted “I’m a Mac” campaign.  As AT&T defended their network from Verizon’s shady tactics, they really pressed the GSM network capability that allows users to use data and voice at the same time.  Apple joined the fray when they introduced two ads that showcased the iPhone’s ability to look up information while on a call, rounding out the commercial with “Can your phone and your network do that?”  Among the three newest ads introduced this week, the one above emphasizes the capability more than any other.

So the question remains, just how important is this network functionality to you?   Do you find yourself looking information up for someone who calls?  Maybe you didn’t even know this was possible?  Let us know in the comments!