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More Video Chat Evidence Found in iPhone OS 3.2

by Travis Harvey | February 23, 2010February 23, 2010 9:01 am PDT

Rumors of the second-generation iPhone came hand in hand with rumors of video chat capabilities through iChat and a front-facing camera. It’s already been discovered that there’s room for a front-facing camera in both the iPad and current gen iPod Touch.  According to the latest evidence, if the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad will ever see the inclusion of a second camera, it’s now more than ever.

9to5Mac has uncovered some pretty compelling evidence found within the iPad-only iPhone 3.2 (confused?) SDK, signaling a front-facing camera in an upcoming hardware revision of the iPortable line.  Icons for accepting and declining video have made their way into the telephony user interface framework of the iPhone OS.  They also found references to iChat and ‘VideoChat’ in the iPhone’s telephony strings, adding to the pile of evidence that signals such a hardware revision is close.


This isn’t the first time a feature slipped into the iPhone SDK, revealing a hardware revision ahead of Apple’s announcements.  Back in April of 2008, 9to5Mac also uncovered references to 3G networking within the iPhone’s preferences, confirming an obvious evolution from the first generation model.


In May of 2009, a MacTalk forum member uncovered the icon set of iPhone 2,1 that would later be released as the iPhone 3GS.  The images revealed the 3GS to have a similar housing design to the 3G with its plasic, single-colored backing in either black or white.   This evidence strengthened the rumor that there would be no external redesign for the 3GS but would instead be focused on internal spec bumps.


Check out the remaining evidence captures over at 9to5Mac.  Do you want a front-facing camera included in this year’s iPhone revision?  How will it work with non-iPhone users?  Share your ideas in the comments.

[Via 9to5Mac]