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Will the Next iPhone Be Cut from Aluminum?

by Jon Rettinger | February 20, 2010February 20, 2010 7:54 am PST

If you saw the HTC Legend from Mobile World Congress (here’s the video in case you missed it), you know that the smartphone is cut from a block of aluminum. This gives the device a higher degree of rigidity (rigid enough for John Wong from HTC to slam the Legend against a wall during the keynote), while keeping weight down. It also makes for a super slick design that lacks the traditional sandwich structure found on most smartphones (where there is a front and a back).


For Apples next-generation iPhone, it would make perfect sense that Apple would go with an aluminum-cut design. They already favor this design approach for the Macbooks. In fact, we’ve seen some mock ups of how this could look. Above is one such mock up taken from MobileWhack. This design features very sharp edges which would be a nice deviation from the rounded-edge design of the current iPhone.

What do you think? Should Apple go aluminum for the next generation iPhone?

Jon Rettinger

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