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Walkthrough of Safari on the iPad

by Travis Harvey | February 18, 2010February 18, 2010 2:13 am PST

Apple’s touting the iPad as a best in class device for a variety of tasks including photo viewing, video playback, and emailing.  One of the core experiences they’re pushing the hardest is definitely the web browser.  Until now, we’ve only been able to rely on a select few hands-on videos from major publications like Engadget.  The iPhone OS 3.2 software development kit doesn’t allow direct access to Safari, but developers have figured out a workaround that allows full access to the simulated iPad browser.

Among the most notable differences from the iPhone, there is now the option to display a bookmarks bar as you’d see on a desktop browser, eliminating the need to store all bookmarks in an overlay menu.  Open tabs are displayed in a similar fashion to desktop Safari’s “Top Sites” with preview tiles for the nine maximum concurrent tabs. Typing into the search bar at the top now provides an overlay of suggestions as you type.  Selecting a word to copy or paste now includes a “Replace” option that displays similar words or alternative spellings for the user to swap in place.  Video delivered through HTML5 standards is played in browser and not automatically pushed full screen.

Any other differences you’ve noticed floating around?  Share them in the comments.

[Via 9to5Mac]