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Microsoft Surface Brings Dungeons & Dragons to Life

by Travis Harvey | February 13, 2010February 13, 2010 6:10 pm PST

Not a whole lot has come out of Microsoft’s Surface since it’s unveiling years ago.  It’s made itself cozy in the new Microsoft stores and its idea has been pushed even further.  Devin Coldewey from CrunchGear swung by the Microsoft campus to find some Carnegie Mellon students playing a version of Dungeons & Dragons they’ve developed for Surface.  It recognizes pieces on the table like Surface has done for mobile phones, pulling off photos and media for table top playback.  Because the cost of Surface tables are so high, don’t expect to see this on the market anytime soon.  I could see a concept like this making its way into living rooms where families can share content and play board games on an interactive coffee table several years out.  You certainly don’t have to be a D&D geek to admit this a pretty freakin’ cool!

[Via CrunchGear]