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Proof We Can Live Without Flash

by Travis Harvey | February 10, 2010February 10, 2010 3:17 am PST

Every iteration of the iPhone resurfaces one of the most popular complaints many users have with their iPhones and iPod Touches; no Flash support.  This omission was heard louder than ever when Apple showed off their new iPad, where users expected the full internet on what was being touted as “the best browsing experience.”  Since January 27th, there’s been a massive debate around Flash’s future and its possible replacement, HTML5.

With a little help from JavaScript, Jilion has created an HTML5 video player with playback controls, full-windowed playback, and control over automatic buffering.  No browser plug-ins are necessary which means it’s Flash-free. They’ve also built-in fallback support for browsers that aren’t yet compatible with HTML5 web standards.  Check out SublimeVideo for the full experience by using Safari or Chrome.


Another application, Sketchpad is an in-browser painting app that requires no Flash plug-in, built on HTML5 standards with a little help from JavaScript.  Developed by Colorjack, Sketchpad makes for a fairly robust painting application that creates patterns, gradients, shapes, and more.  Once you’ve finished your work, click the save button and it’ll display your image in a new tab that can saved to your computer.  Check out a Sketchpad with any HMTL5 compatible browser.

The combination of HTML5 and JavaScript make for some insanely robust in-browser applications.  Although Flash has plenty of life left in it, it’s not hard to see a future in which Flash has no part.  Do you think HTML5 will ever replace Flash or will Adobe make further advancements with which web standards can’t compete?