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Verizon iPad Rumors Just Won’t Die

by Travis Harvey | February 2, 2010February 2, 2010 2:12 pm PST

Verizon is certainly no stranger to Apple rumors.  Every iteration of the iPhone has been speculated to coincide with the launch of Verizon as a second carrier.  It came as no surprise that for almost a ful year, Verizon was rumored to support the then-forthcoming tablet.  Despite last week’s announcement that the iPad would be partnered with AT&T, it seems these Verizon-iPad rumors just won’t die.

According to Silicon Alley Insider, an iPad on Verizon is still in their pipeline.  Last Wednesday’s announcement of a partnership with AT&T was met with an audible groan heard around the world.  Apple was reportedly in last-minute talks with both carriers a week before the announcement, leading many to believe Verizon was on board.   Earlier this month, sources for Computerworld were told “definitely Verizon.  I’ve been told it’s a certainty.”


While it’s still unknown why a Verizon partnership wasn’t announced during it’s unveiling, SAI proposed several factors that may have delayed a Verizon iPad:

  • AT&T gave in to Apple’s iPad data plan pricing, one that Verizon refused to match.
  • Apple wanted the iPad to be contract-free, a demand Verizon was unwilling to compromise.
  • AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity covered the iPad until a later date.
  • Apple wanted a world version (GSM) first, pushing a less popular EVDO model back several months.

Still, though, many analysts are convinced a CDMA version of the iPad is in the works and scheduled for launch sometime in the 2nd half of 2010.  Certainly a Verizon iPad could make for a more attractive buy, as their 3G coverage extends further than that of AT&T’s.  Until Verizon and Apple pony up, don’t expect these rumors to die.

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