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Could the Apple Tablet Kill the iPod?

by chris | January 23, 2010January 23, 2010 8:02 am PST

Some people in the tech-community might remember a couple of years ago in 2008 when Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak talked about the impending death of the iPod. The statement sparked controversy amongst the tech-community, as some people felt the iPod could never fall from its spot at #1, while some felt the iPod’s death was long overdue. However, with the increasing popularity of the iPhone and the iPod Touch, the rest of the iPod line had started to fade out a little, not completely, and sales are leaning towards the iPhone/iPod Touch more than they are the rest of Apple’s PMPs. So, could Apple be positioning the tablet to continue this phase-out even further? It would certainly make sense from a couple standpoints.

From what we’ve heard, Apple’s looking to create the ultimate entertainment device; a device for reading books, subscribing to TV-shows, watching movies, surfing the web, video chatting, etc. If Apple brings the iPhone up to speed with the tablet, then this new product line would serve as a better way to get your media than your average iPod (except for the Touch). The margin between the two devices would be relatively small, and the tablet would still be small enough so that it’s portable enough to fit in a bag therefore being a screen around 7-10” as predicted.

However, regardless of whether Apple positions the tablet in this way, Apple needs to make sure that as technology evolves, they have the best portable media device out there. Even though this is just fun speculation as to where the tablet might fit in Apple’s product line, something will eventually come along that does the iPod’s job better. Apple just has to make sure that the product that replaces it is one that’s theirs, and if history repeats itself, they’ll be the one to make that kill. Apple hasn’t been hesitant to kill off products to make room for new ones, because as they’ve shown with the transition from the Mini to the Nano, it’s just business.

Let us know what you think: where will the tablet find its place in Apple’s product line, and will the iPod die-off or is it here to stay?