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Three Keyboards Sure to Break the Bank

by Travis Harvey | January 12, 2010January 12, 2010 8:26 am PST

There’s little to get excited about in the world of keyboards.  Most are just redesigns with subtle differences, none of which really stand out.  They’re just keyboards, how different can they really be?  Here are three that aren’t quite so conventional.

Optimus Maximus

One of the most expensive keyboards that’s not solid gold, Art Lebedev’s Optimus Maximus is one keyboard that lives up to its name.  Each key has its own OLED display that’s fully customizable for use with any language or character set you can imagine.  You can program HTML codes, functions, and special symbols to maximize your keyboard efficiency.  If customization is your thing, you can pick up the Optimus Maximus for a mere $2000, or about as much as you paid for your whole computer.


EeeKeyboard PC

Packing PC guts into a keyboard might not be all that innovative, but allowing it to function without one is something we’ve yet to see on the market.  With its 5” capacitive touchscreen, you’ll be able to use custom applications built and stored onto the device’s built-in SSD.  Shown off at CES, the EeeKeyboard PC is brushed aluminum with chiclet keys.  The ‘PC’ starts at an insane $500, so you better start saving if you’re going to make the February release.


Light Touch

Not strictly a keyboard, the Light Touch by Light Blue Optics is an interactive projector that transforms any surface into a touch sensitive one.  As it projects picture onto the surface, a camera and motion sensors track multi-touch input to the device.  Light Touch has built-in applications that running atop Windows CE using Adobe Flash Lite.  Although the device is not available for sale, it’s easily one of the coolest products to come out of CES.  Craving a video of the device in action?  Check.