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What’s Going to Steal the CES Spotlight?

by Travis Harvey | January 5, 2010January 5, 2010 12:58 pm PDT

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is upon us.  Each year, electronics manufacturers from around the world gather in Las Vegas, Nevada to show off the best they’re set to offer.  It seems every year there’s always one category of gadgets that sets the stage for year ahead.  Who will be this year’s winner?


Every year, televisions occupy a huge space on the CES floor.  CES 2008 brought us some incredibly thin (<.5-inch) HDTVs, 2009 emphasized gorgeously bright OLED backlighting, and 2010 is set to push the HDTV even further.  Hot off the massive success of Avatar and as Direct TV prepares to offer up a channel devoted to 3D, we’re certainly in for some crazy realistic television programming.  If the future of TV is 3D, I want to be there.


Netbooks are one strange category.  Most have come be known as cheap, underpowered laptops that aspire to do what their big brothers can.  It’s time for their internals to be pushed beyond the minimum and you can bet that many will rely on Intel’s Pineview system-on-a-chip.  Expect the energy efficient Pineview chipsets to extend battery life considerably.  Because Windows 7 was not developed for much of today’s low-end market, don’t be surprised to see Linux powering more devices.


Everyone seems to be reviving the once failed tablet-computing concept.  From concept videos to the real deal, tablets are poised to catch a lot of attention this coming week.  Hearst has already developed their own flexible e-Paper tablet that’s vastly more impressive than any real product on the market. With rumors that both Google and Apple set to enter the fray, it’ll be interesting to see what other companies have lined up for 2010.

Mobile Phones

CES 2009 was a big year for mobile, especially Palm.  With the unexpected debut of WebOS, Palm dusted off their failures and repositioned themselves among the best in the mobile war.  The massive success HTC saw in 2009 is only the beginning and judging by what they’ve got in their labs, 2010 will be their best year ever.  Expect to hear some announcements from Mobile carriers about their upcoming 4G networks, some of which will be launching this year.

So which of these, if any, categories will take home prize for best in show?  Until CES ends early next week, it’s anyone’s guess.  Which categories do you expect to steal the show?  Let us know what you think 2010 has waiting.