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Prepare Yourself for a Flood of “We Hate the New Facebook” Group Invites

It’s becoming a time-honored tradition.  Whenever Facebook undergoes a redesign, users cry out in desperation of the ‘old’ Facebook they once had.  Once again, as they begin to rollout the latest changes, prepare for yourself for a week of annoying status updates and group invites from anyone in your network. Here’s a peek at the expected changes.


  • Most notably, the top navigation bar will be completely redone with what appears to be notifications in the upper left.
  • Now competing with Twitter, Facebook has moved the search box front and center.  Brands, events, companies, and celebrities will gain more priority than seen now.
  • The Home, Profile, Friends, and Inbox links will be pushed to the right, eliminating the link with your name as it duplicated what remains as the Profile link.
  • Settings and Logout will be replaced by the Account link with a dropdown menu containing options accessible without navigating through multiple pages.
  • The left sidebar will now display your profile picture and the option to change your status below it.
  • News Feed, Friends, Events, and Photos will remain mandatory links on the left with user-customizable bookmarks underneath.
  • Facebook chat rests at the bottom of all pages in a smaller, less intrusive bar.  Applications and Quick Links have been moved, presumably to the left Bookmarks column.
  • Individual profiles themselves will remain largely unchanged.

Don’t bother complaining though, because this ‘new’ Facebook will eventually become the ‘old’ Facebook so many are dying to have back. What do you think of Facebook’s new look?  If you’re one of the few with access to the new look, we’d love to get some screenshots.  Use the ‘News Tips’ link in the bar if you’re willing to share!

[Via TechCrunch]