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Were You Duped by the Gamecube?

by Travis Harvey | December 10, 2009December 10, 2009 5:50 am PST

What is arguably one of Nintendo’s worst consoles ever (hi, Virtual Boy), the Gamecube was quite possibly the biggest letdown I’ve ever experienced from Nintendo.  Yes, there were some great games like Metroid Prime and um… Metroid Prime 2, but the console certainly didn’t find success through market share.  It quickly gained the reputation for being a kiddie console.  Compared to its competitors, the Xbox and PS2, it was nearly impossible to make a case justifying the poor performance throughout its lifespan.  Spending over $1000 through its life – something I’m not proud of – I know I fell for Nintendo’s box of tricks.  Did you?  Drop off your emotional baggage in the comments.