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Visualise Your Storage With DaisyDisk

by Armin Talic | December 9, 2009December 9, 2009 5:12 am PDT

One of the biggest problems for a data junky is being able to manage their data effectively. Eventually, you’re either going to run out of disk space, or you’r going to have to re-organise your entire library.

To help with this dilemma, DaisyDisk have come up with a novel approach to understanding how your data is structured.

DaisyDisk Screenshot

According to their description, with DaisyDisk you can free up disk space by quickly finding and deleting big, useless files. The program scans any mounted disk and displays it on the sunburst map, where segments mean files and folders, proportionally to their sizes. With an easy to read and navigate map you can quickly preview any file and reveal it in Finder to delete.

At $20, it’s not cheap, but for the functionality that DaisyDisk provides is an excellent solution for those interested in keeping on top of their data.