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Just Say No to JooJoo, For Now

by Travis Harvey | December 8, 2009December 8, 2009 11:10 pm PST

Yesterday’s big news came during a Fusion Garage webcast that showed off the formerly named and no longer to be mentioned CrunchPad.  The idea behind a couch computing web tablet is certainly something to get excited about, but you shouldn’t rush out to preorder one just yet.  Only one day later, major tech publishers have already gotten their chance to sitchandrajoojoo down with the Fusion Garage CEO for a one-on-one preview of the device.  How’s the device fare?

If you haven’t already seen the hands-on videos, check them out at CNET, Engadget, and Gizmodo.  JooJoo is extremely thin, actually thinner than the MacBook Air.  There’s a headphone jack, microphone jack, USB slot, and an SD card slot and also a built-in 1 megapixel camera for videoconferencing.  Gizmodo spotted some of the hardware specs during boot-up showing the device clocking in with a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor and 1GB RAM.

Hardware aside, the software is truly what will make or break the JooJoo.  If you’ve seen the demos, it’s clear the touch responsiveness needs a boost.  There were numerous instances where his scrolling, typing, and pinching gestures went unrecognized.  There’s little more frustrating than an unresponsive UI.  Chandra admits the software running the JooJoo isn’t complete but insists that everything will be ready when the device ships.

Fusion Garage will be accepting preorders for the device on Friday.  They’re asking you to put down $500 for the device this Friday with a promise that everything will be fixed in the coming weeks.  With possible litigation not far off, you’d be putting a massive amount of trust in a company that, no matter which side you’re on, is being accused of IP theft.  For a company who’s future is foggy at best, it’s probably best to hold off until you see the final product.  To watch the Monday’s webcast, click here.

Would you pay for a half finished product weeks in advance based solely on the company’s promise to fix what you’re shown?  Do you plan on buying a JooJoo?  Give us your thoughts on the device.