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Competitive Videogame Ladders at GameBattles

by Travis Harvey | December 5, 2009December 5, 2009 10:49 am PDT

So you think you can compete with the Modern Warfare pros?  Unless you’re a professional gamer, getting paid for what you do, chances are you’re playing with regular joes.   If you think you’ve got what it takes to climb to the top of the professional gaming leaderboards, check out GameBattles.

GameBattles is the largest online community for competitive gaming featuring ladders, forums, and sponsored tournaments for the most popular PC and console games.  There’s a portal for each game they support.  Within a game portal, ladders are broken down into seasons, four to a year.  Participants in each ladder are ranked depending on their previous match performances.  Defeating higher ranked players will earn you more experience points.


Usually, at the end of each season, GameBattles will take the top 32 teams and host a sponsored tournament where the top three finalists get a part of the pot.  Throughout the year, they’ll also organize tournaments that you gain entry through credits that you buy.  Winners of these tournaments take away the cash prize.

GameBattles is owned and run by Major League Gaming, a professional video game league that signs professional gamers in the same way as professional sports.  If you’re consistently the best of the best, GameBattles provides a platform to get discovered and signed into the professional gaming world.

Even if you’re not going to participate in paid tournaments, GameBattles is a great way to see how your really rank compared to other players.  As you compete against higher ranked players, you’ll find yourself improving in ways you wouldn’t in random online play.  Check out GameBattles to see if they support your favorite games.  Who knows, you might just get signed to a career that millions can only dream of.