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Farmville Cultivates More Users than Twitter

by Travis Harvey | December 3, 2009December 3, 2009 3:47 pm PST

If you’re on Facebook – let’s face it, you are – half of your news feed is probably consumed by annoying updates from applications like Mafia Wars, Farmville, and Happy Aquarium.  With over 350 million users worldwide, Facebook is becoming a platform for more than social networking.  Applications like Farmville and Mafia wars see tens of millions of active users, making Facebook a powerful stepping-stone towards mass adoption.

Facebook has released some web statistics that show why they’re the second most visited site on the web.  Apparently Facebook is nearing 200 billion page views per month with a user base surpassing 350 million worldwide.  If each user visited the site equally, you’d have to make 571 page views per month to pull your weight.  That’s a lot of hits.  Even more shocking, 1.4 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every second.  I wouldn’t pick up your jaw just yet.


Applications are now a huge part of Facebook.  With over 90,000 applications to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’ll annoy your friends with spam updates.  In fact, the top four game applications pull in over 150 million active users.  Farmville, the most popular application, manages almost 70 million of these active users alone.  Although the exact number of active Twitter users goes unpublished, estimates rank active users of Farmville higher than those of Twitter.

With numbers as successful as Farmville’s you’ve got to wonder where the future of Facebook will take us.  It’s ability to reach over a third of a billion people around the world make it one of, if not the, most powerful site in the world.  If the user base of these applications is any indication, status updates for these applications aren’t going away anytime soon.  While your indifference to mafia invitations can’t get you killed, your ignorance to Facebook as a development platform should.

What are your favorite Facebook applications?  Just the opposite, tell us how much you despise your friends for getting sucked in.

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