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Square, Secure Payments On The iPhone

by Armin Talic | December 2, 2009December 2, 2009 11:19 pm PST

Square Screenshots

In case you missed it yesterday, the blogosphere was a flame with the news of Jack Dorsey’s new stealth startup de-cloaking and rearing it’s head.

Jack Dorsey just so happens to be the original brains behind a little known platform called Twitter. If you haven’t yet, check it out, it’s quite neat.

His latest venture, Square, aims to bring simple and secure payments into the palms of millions. It’s a simple premiss and one that many small retailers and business owners will share.

Square, with the aid of its ‘square’ gadget enables any registered user to take on-the-spot card payments using their iPhone.

Square is a small plastic device that plugs into a gadget’s headphone jack. Buyers swipe their credit cards through the machine, which then transmits the payment data to an application running on a connected iPhone or iPod Touch. (Android and Blackberry apps are in development, and computer software will be available later.)

You don’t have to have the Square gadget or app to pay, you just need a credit card and an e-mail address to receive a receipt.

There are a whole loads of sassy features that I’m raring to try when they go live with their private beta in early Q1 2010, but for now, you can check out their site for more details.

Now I can finally start billing my mates for my time!