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SocialSafe, Backup Your Facebook

Most of us deny it, but all of us spend excessive amounts of time browsing our Facebook profile and friends list. It’s a wonder then that we treat this mass of information with such disregard. I might not admit it often, but if I lost my friends list, photos and profile information thanks to a bug or the occasional malicious Facebook link I’d be pretty disappointed.

Much like most people who are regular web users, I’ve invested a lost of time in my online presence, and Facebook is a vital aspect of that presence.

So, here’s what SocialSafe can do for you:

  • View your profile offline
  • Download all of your photos from Facebook
  • Keep a copy of all your friends. This is especially nifty as it lets you see who has ‘unfriended’ you recently

Again, I’ve been outdone by the charismatic female voice in the embedded video, so I’ll leave it to this lovely lady to explain SocialSafe in some more detail. If you’d like to bag yourself a copy, it’ll set you back $2.99. I think that’s a pretty small price to pay to help keep your data safe.

You can also follow @SocialSafe on Twitter for the occasional sneaky giveaway!