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Where Are All The Girl Geeks?

by Armin Talic | November 19, 2009November 19, 2009 10:25 pm PDT

After having been a fully fledged, self confessed, bonafide geek since I could turn the pages of those gadget comics one fact is clear, there are very few well known women in the technology industry.

Women In Tech

Why is this? Now, I’m not getting into some political conversation, but I think there are some simple reasons why the ratio of men to women in technology is heavily biased. I’ve heard plenty of opinions on the point and a few stand out.

  • At this point, the bias affects the bias, meaning that because it’s a clear issue, women look at career opportunities and stray away from the technology industry.
  • There’s a negative attitude towards women trying to make a name for themselves in technology.
  • There isn’t a bias, it’s just that there are less well known women in the industry.

This is a fairly sensitive issue, and the article is meant to provoke conversation and thoughts about the topic, so keep it family friendly folks.