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Apple 27″ iMac Core i5 and i7 Benchmarks

by Armin Talic | November 14, 2009November 14, 2009 4:01 pm PST

Early last week Apple started shipping pre-orders of their i5 and i7 iMac models. Without even waiting for the ‘new car’ smell to wear off, both models were put through their paces in the fabled Geekbench test.

iMac Core i7 Core i5 Benchmarks

If you’re an existing iMac owner and were wondering if upgrading to the latest model was worth while, then these results should be definitive. The final score for the i7 model come in well above the results displayed by the  2.93 GHz (4 cores) Mac Pro (Early 2009)Intel Xeon W3540.

With a 27 inch screen and performance comparable to that of a high-end quad core Mac Pro, the top of the line iMac now offers a serious solution for professionals.  So the question is, are you going to upgrade?