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Raindrop: Make Your Inbox Personal Again

by Armin Talic | November 11, 2009November 11, 2009 4:08 pm PST

Sticking to the theme of messaging, I recently stumbled across ‘Raindrop’, a Mozilla Labs project meant to act as an open design process in building a better, more personal and useful way of participating in your existing communications. According to the team behind Raindrop, it’s built on a web messaging platform designed to push the limits of browser based applications. Sounds interesting.

As this project is in it’s very early stages, and a hands on is impossible to come by, I’m going to exhibit a little lazy editorial and include the product brief from the Raindrop site.

Raindrop Mobile

What Raindrop does:

Raindrop takes messages from social networking services, advertisers, and Twitter, and organizes your mailbox according to importance.

To elaborate:

  • Raindrop is the meeting point of your social web.
  • Raindrop imports and organizes your messages and notifications.
  • Raindrop creates a hierarchy of importance in your messages.
  • Raindrop works with other messaging services besides email, such as Twitter
  • Raindrop knows what is a message from your friends and family and what is a service notification from things like Twitter

Exciting stuff. More info here…