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Is MSN Messenger for Mac outdated?

by Armin Talic | November 11, 2009November 11, 2009 8:10 pm PDT

I remember a time when the internet was something that you had to ask your parents not to use the phone for. Dial-up was the way forward, and as a result of the low bandwidth requirements, MSN messenger took off as the IM of choice. If you didn’t have a hotmail account, you weren’t part of the ‘IT’ crowd. There’s some irony in there somewhere…

Since then, a plethora of new internet based companies and applications have seen solid growth and success in the internet communications sector. Though MSN has kept a strong footing in the IM space, other applications have been quick to integrate across networks and protocols.

Adium Clients

If you’re a mac user like myself, you’ll likely be well aware of Adium, the multi-client IM app for Mac. If you’re not familiar with it,¬†Adium is a free instant messaging application for Mac OS X that can connect to AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, and more.¬†Learn more about Adium…

Increasing, I’ve started using iChat and Skype as my IM clients of choice, though Skype wasn’t necessarily development for this purpose, it does a good job.

With only a minor update being released in February ’09, is it time for Microsoft to re-think their IM client for Mac? Leave your thoughts as a comment below!