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Is Anyone Else Bored with the iPhone?

by Travis Harvey | November 11, 2009November 11, 2009 2:17 pm PST

The iPhone has been on the market for over two years. In these two years, we’ve seen the introduction of some standard hardware and some huge software updates. Despite all these improvements, I’ve recently been struck with iBoredom (no, the ‘B’ isn’t part of the giveaway).

You’d think that with more than 100,000 applications available in the App Store that the iPhone would never lose it’s shine. The problem? It’s so rare to find an app that makes your jaw drop and consistently use. Some of the more exciting apps are preheart really just alternative Twitter clients that all excel at something different. There are some apps that are really fun the first couple times you boot them, but they become boring surprisingly fast. After spending more money in the App Store than I’d like to admit, I’ve realized I don’t need a device that does gaming. I’ve also realized I don’t need video recording. I don’t need a compass. I don’t need the iTunes Store. So much of what the iPhone does, I don’t need. These features are nice, but I think can live without.

So many great devices have come out this year. When someone used to ask what phone they should get, it was always the iPhone. As these devices have caught up, it’s no longer a no-brainer. Maybe it’s my ADD kicking in, but I’m ready for some change. I want to see something different, mix it up. My dream? Swinging by eBay to sell my iPhone 3GS (for more than the $200 I paid) for a GSM Palm Pre. Oh it exists; Palm just needs to bring it stateside. Am I alone on this, or does anyone else feel the same way? What device do you want to switch to? Someone, please back me up.