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Search For Music with Grooveshark

by Armin Talic | November 9, 2009November 9, 2009 3:09 pm PDT

It’s a bit of a let down that our friends in the US aren’t able to get their hands on Spotify just yet, but fear not dear readers, there’s a web-based service that’s been available for some time now, and it’s right on your doorstep.

Grooveshark, the seldom publicized music streaming app, has recently rolled out version two of their music touting platform. We’re here to give you the down-low on Grooveshark and why we think you’ll be scrambling to get your hands on a new account!

I sometimes get into the nasty habit of going into too much, so rather than dictating verbatim, I’m going to gloss over the highlights and leave the investigative work you to. Let’s get to it.

Stream, Free

The most compelling feature of Grooveshark of course has to be the ability to stream an ever expanding library of high bit-rate content, absolutely free. How do they support their revenue model you might ask, well, unlike it’s competition across the pond, Spotify, there are no audio based adverts embedded throughout the stream. The only form of advertising currently used by Grooveshark is good old banner advertising.

Your Music, Online

Just like iTunes for the desktop, you can add content to your account library, create playlist and the whole kit-caboudle. Simply select that song that you would like to listen to, and build up your ‘radio’ list by adding more tracks to the player.¬†Grooveshark Radio serves up a non-stop stream of music based on what you’re already playing.¬†The recommendations come from Grooveshark’s own users and artists, and you can Smile or Frown songs as they’re played.

Grooveshark Radio

Not only do the suggestions get better as you go, but you never have to sit through music you don’t like.

Download, Buy, Repeat

Advertising alone isn’t going to cut it when it comes to covering the streaming and licensing costs for running Grooveshark, so they allow you to purchase songs from iTunes and the Amazon store. I would assume that the majority of their revenue is made through the affiliate links that host through this process. There’s also the option to download a ringtone of the song you’re streaming, as if the kids on the bus aren’t annoying enough with their megaphone ringers.

Dowload Grooveshark Songs

Much, Much More

There are plenty of features that I haven’t covered here, but it’s safe to say that Grooveshark is packed with features galore. Not to mention an ‘VIP’ account option giving you access to Ad-free streaming, and bonus music, all for just $30 per year! Learn more.

At the time of writing, Grooveshark only hold a partnership with one major label, meaning any music not tied to that particular label is essential pirate radio. So, before you go wondering if it’s powered by pixie dust, just bear in mind that if Grooveshark don’t manage to get solid partnerships in place with all major labels, it might disappear just as quickly as it appeared. Start listening…