And I thought Sharp's 80-inch AQUOS LED/LCD TV was an epic display electronic when it was unveiled last month. Well, make no mistake: It totally is, thanks to 1080p HD video with 1920×1080 res and SmartTV capabilities. But this monstrosity makes that look like a child's Hasbro toy.

There is a massive 200-inch auto-stereoscopic, glasses-free 3D display making its way across the interwebs. A joint project by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology and JVC Kenwood, the prototype blew away onlookers when it was unveiled at CEATEC 2011. Sure, the sheer enormity of this behemoth is eye-catching enough, but with 1920 x 1080 res, the full HD screen dishes up images at 60fps using a 57-projector array and viewing angles of 13 degrees.

In lay people's terms, that means viewers actually have a limited ability to look AROUND projected objects. (My jaw is actually dropping open as I write this.)

But before you harbor fantasies of a life-size Princess Leia projecting into your living room, calling you her only hope, this might be more like Marty McFly running into a Jaws XVIII advertising hologram on the streets of Hill Valley. In other words, this technology's intended for the outdoor advertising industry.

Well, at least we have Ultra Hi-Def TV and its 33 megapixel wonders to look forward to someday in the hopefully-not-far-off future. Four wall-sized models of these, and maybe our kids can fashion themselves their very own DIY holodecks.

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