So you think your house seems a bit crowded around the holidays? All your Aunts and Uncles that you see once a year crammed around the dinner table, the yelling and screaming of your toddler nephews as you try to watch the football games in peace. The holidays are a time for families to spend time together be it calm or hectic.

Well imagine how the Internet is going to feel this holiday season as reports are surfacing that by the end of 2010 20080830-30pipe_450there will be two billion surfers on the web. According to a report from the International Telecommunications Union, internet users worldwide has doubled in the last five years. A majority of new users have come from developing countries that have discovered the freedom of the net and access is still in its infancy.

If you think the growth is going to stop there, think again. Consider that roughly 65 percent of Europeans are accessing the net while only 10 percent of Africans surf the web. with more than 680 million people residing in Africa the potential for another two billion users in next next five years is looking like a good bet. Now these developing countries are not surfing at broadband speeds, in fact only about eight percent of the world will have broadband access by the end of 2010. The next time you complain about those 12 Mbps download speed keep in mind you are part of the eight percent with that capability.

With the internet in an exponential and constant growth pattern, what problems do you see arising in the future? Will there be different security concerns than we have now? Will the online community need a Virtual police force? I want to hear your thoughts.