Apple Macbook Pro 15

Retailer supply of 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops is allegedly waning ahead of an expected refresh of the popular notebook. According to AppleInsider, several of Apple’s authorized retailers are “reflecting stock outs” of the device. J&R is listing the 15-inch MacBook Pro as “back order” status and the retailer is currently “out of stock” of the 2.2GHz model. The 2.4GHz MacBook Pro is currently “on order,” AppleInsider said. It is largely expected that Apple will refresh the 15-inch and 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops. The new devices will reportedly have an industrial design that is closer to that of the thinner and lighter MacBook Air.

MacBook Pro owners have typically gravitated towards the laptop due to its more powerful spec sheet and the larger variety of I/O ports, so it appears Apple has either figured out a way to keep all of those options, while maintaining a lower profile, or it’s deciding to cut some of the I/O options out of the new models. It remains unclear if Apple will stick with Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors but we suspect it will wait for the newer Ivy Bridge chips, which have been delayed until June.

[via AppleInsider]