Last night saw the world premiere of BioShock Infinite's 14 minute, behind closed doors E3 presentation. I was lucky enough to catch the demo live during E3 at that start of June. The video you're about to settle in to watch absolutely blew my mind apart during the press convention.

The thing that sucked for me? This was my first appointment of the three day show. Every game after this presentation suffered simply for following the best act.

Courtesy of GameTrailers TV, BioShock Infinite.

Between the crazy sky rails, the superb character acting, the rifts torn in time and the exhilarating combat, BioShock Infinite is shaping up to be another incredible title from the fine folks at Irrational Games. This is only their second trip into the BioShock universe, what with 2K Marin handling BioShock 2, and already Infinite looks crazy good.

One thing that I remember taking away from the demo, aside from it's complete visual turnaround compared to the original BioShock in Rapture, was the sheer vertical nature of the gameplay. The player helming the presentation flies around the open battlefield in seconds. And he does so by leaping to impossible heights and using his skyhook to zoom through lines of fire.

The only concern? How will we play this game? The folks at the wheel for these demos are normally developers. They know their game's design inside and out. Moreover, they know how to make the most out of every combat situation in front of them. Once the wow-factor faded slightly, I wound up asking myself the same question I'm posing to you here and now: will we all be able to play this game with the same speed and accuracy as this player?

The bad news? We have to wait until 2012 for BioShock Infinite to come out. Dangit.