Square Enix is rapidly firing its fabled Final Fantasy franchise into the free-to-play realm these days with the likes of Record Keeper, All the Bravest, and a sub-series of “Legends” games that come off more like entries in Nihon Falcom’s The Legend of Heroes series. However, one game has escaped from the generic style of mobile RPGs to look like a contender as a rock solid original game.

Mevius Final Fantasy has captured the West’s eye mostly because of the confusing and awkward outfit its hero wears, but a first look at the battle system shows that it is no slouch in the gamplay department. Square Enix has released a brief 13 seconds of footage showing it off, and it does look very much like a quality Final Fantasy game.

I’m excited, but I’m really hoping for the ability to change costumes in this game. It looks like you can grate cheese on this guys fully exposed abs and rib cage.

Mevius Final Fantasy is on my radar to check out, and it will be released for iOS and Android in 2015.