Marvel this week announced that more than 12,000 Marvel comics are now available for purchase in the Kindle store. The news follows Amazon’s acquisition of comiXology last April, and Amazon promises that it will continue to distribute new content through that app, too.

“What’s new for fans and readers is that over 12,000 single issue digital comic books will become available for sale on the Amazon Kindle Store on June 18, 2015 and will be available on the Amazon Kindle platform around the world,” Marvel said in a recent news release. That means you don’t need a device that supports the comiXology app, and can consume comics right on your Kindle.

“With the ever-increasing number of devices in consumers’ hands and the growing popularity of Marvel’s extensive catalogue of familiar Super Heroes we see this as the perfect time to create a whole new generation of comic book readers,” Amazon vice president of Kindle David Naggar said.

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