Apple's long-rumored 12-inch MacBook Air may finally hit stores next year, DigiTimes reports. Production for the ulta-thin laptop will apparently kick-off in the first quarter of 2015 around the same time as the Apple Watch, according to anonymous upstream supply chain sources.

DigiTimes adds that the new MacBook Air won't be cheap, and stock could be limited at launch. It's worth noting that the site previously claimed production for the device would begin in fall 2014, so we'll definitely be treating this new rumor with a grain of salt. Then again, with Intel's new Core M currently available, Apple may finally be ready to launch its 12-inch laptop.

Based on earlier reports, we're expecting the 12-inch MacBook Air to sport a thinner design than current models, and replace Apple's current MagSafe charging connector with something new. It could also feature a fanless design, super-thin bezels and a more compact keyboard. Finally, the redesigned MacBook will apparently come in gold, silver and grey options, just like the latest crop of iPhones and iPads.

After months of speculation, it looks like Apple may finally be ready to unveil its new laptop, though it might not actually be available until mid-2015. Hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer for official confirmation from Cupertino, though if you're in the market for a new MacBook right now it's probably not worth waiting for this one.