Today Apple announced that it will sell the Mac Pro in December. It will offer several models, including quad-core, 6-core and 12-core systems. The quad-core and 6-core systems are already listed in the Apple store for $2,999 and $3,999 respectively, but the 12-core Mac Pro isn’t there. We’re curious what this means.

As one TechnoBuffalo staffer surmised, could Apple not be listing it for fear of scaring away shoppers with sticker shock? It seems unlikely, given that consumers are used to high prices from Apple. Perhaps the 12-core option won’t be available in December, though, and maybe customers will have to wait a few additional months. We can’t see component shortages being a problem – we imagine Apple has that worked out by this point.

We’ll keep you up to date when this changes, but for now it looks like a 12-core option might not be available immediately at launch.