Samsung Galaxy S5 Review 18

How popular is the Galaxy S5? It may be more popular than the Galaxy S4, at least according to a new report published by a South Korean news outlet. Samsung hasn’t released any official figures yet, though we hope it does soon, and South Korean news publication Hankyung suggests Samsung shipped 10 million Galaxy S5 smartphones in 25 days, a hair faster than it sold as many Galaxy S4 units last year.

By comparison, Hankyung says it took Samsung 27 days to sell 10 million Galaxy S4 units, just two days longer. The company reportedly shipped 10 million Galaxy S III units in 50 days, 10 million Galaxy S2 units in 5 months and 10 million Galaxy S units in 7 months.

Typically, however, Samsung announces official shipments figures, especially to promote the popularity of one of its new flagship smartphones. The company has been quiet since the device’s global launch on April 11, however, more than a month ago. The quiet seems to suggest that, contrary to to the Hankyung report, shipments aren’t as impressive as they might seem on the surface.

Samsung’s head of mobile design resigned last week, suggesting that perhaps the company wasn’t pleased with the end result — or with the reviews that have largely shunned the plastic build of the Galaxy S5. We still don’t know how much the design tweaks have played a role in the Galaxy S5 shipment figures, though we hope the company provides some context in the near future.