Kathleen Connell, known to her friends as Kit, celebrated her 100th birthday last month, but her age doesn't stop her from being an avid gamer. In fact, Kit uses a Nintendo DS on a daily basis to keep her mind active, and she can't recommend it enough.

While she may be one of the few to receive a letter from Her Majesty the Queen for becoming a centenarian, Kit jokes that she doesn't feel a day over 80. She describes her Nintendo DS as "absolutely super," and says she doesn't know what she would do without it.

Kit enjoys games like Brain Academy, Scrabble, Art Academy, and Family Fortunes, according to The Telegraph, which she says help keep her brain active. On Brain Academy, Kit revealed she has a mental age of just 64 — 36 years younger than her real age.

As all gamers should, Kit takes regular breaks. "I'll play it in the evening," she said, "then I'll have a break and a cup of tea, then I'll go back to playing my Nintendo." Kit believes the handheld would help school children with math and spelling — as long as they're provided with the right games.

"It has been a great help to me," Kit concluded. "I can't speak highly enough of this Nintendo. It has helped to keep my brain as active as possible at my old age."

Do you hope to be gaming into your old age?

[via The Telegraph]