With the Windows Phone Mango update finally becoming available in the very near future, and three new 4G contenders to give you a tangy taste, we’ve rounded up 10 features you can expect from 7.5. The recently announced Samsung Focus S, HTC Titan and Samsung Focus Flash will all feature Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, but if you’re a current Windows Phone customer, you’ll be able to download the update for free. Let’s get this party started.

  1. Threads – Text messages, Facebook chat, and Windows Messenger/IM will all be corralled into one thread.
  2. Groups – Contacts can now be aggregated into Groups for increased organization.
  3. App Connect – Applications are integrated into Bing search results. For instance, if you search Bing for a movie, the Fandango application will automatically launch, prompting you to buy tickets.
  4. Improved Live Tiles – Live Tiles will now contain more real-time information and are promised to be more dynamic.
  5. Multitasking – Mango users can now switch between applications by pressing and holding the Back button. A screen containing all open applications will appear and the user can scroll through them horizontally and tap to select the desired one.
  6. People Hub – The People hub in Mango will integrate Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, LinkedIn and Windows Live Messenger in order to provide additional avenues of correspondence with contacts.
  7. Multiple Email Accounts – This is basically a universal inbox that enables the user to link all of their emails accounts into one.
  8. Internet Explorer 9Microsoft has added Internet Explorer 9 with HTML 5 to its browser, and promises a faster experience that rivals that of a desktop PC. Accelerated graphics have also been integrated within the browser.
  9. Enhanced Bing Search – Bing now includes Music search, which provides song title, artist and album title by holding the phone up to a speaker that is playing the song. Visual Search allows users to use the camera and capture barcodes, QR codes and Microsoft Tags without the need for a third-party application.
  10. Augmented Reality – Mango will bring computer-generated images and sounds to fortify real-life experiences. For instance, by pointing the phone at a location, certain applications will be able to provide an interactive guide like a tour through ancient ruins.
What feature are you most excited for in Mango?