There are countless reasons to get excited about Thanksgiving. The food is fantastic, friends and family reunite, and it means that the more gift-oriented holidays are just around the corner. Thanksgiving also means that Black Friday is less than 24 hours away, and it’s time to stock up on all the gadgets and apps you’ve been drooling over all year. But why wait until Black Friday? These popular apps, gadgets, and education bundles are available right now at rock-bottom Black Friday pricing. And if you enter the coupon code BFRIDAY20 at checkout, you’ll knock an additional 20% off each already-discounted price. 

1. RevolCam: The Multi-Lens Photo Revolution for Smartphones

MSRP: $59 – Sale Price: $34.99 (40% off)

The camera on your smartphone is already pretty fantastic, yet it lacks a great deal of versatility in terms of lens power and style. That’s where the universally-compatible RevolCam comes in. Easily attachable to any smartphone, this nifty gadget offers three high-quality camera lenses (wide-angle, macro, and fisheye), an adjustable brightness LED, and a selfie mirror all in a single unit.

2. Hover 4K Camera Passport Self-Flying Camera Drone*

MSRP: $499.99 – Sale Price: $349.99 (30% off)

Meet your new, personal 4K photographer. The Hover 4K will shatter any preconceived notions you had about drones, as it doesn’t even require a controller. Packed with super cool and futuristic tech, this flying machine uses facial-recognition and automatic features to stay close behind you and snap high-quality shots while you’re on the move. (*This deal is excluded from the coupon code)

3. Amazon Web Services® Technical Certification Training

MSRP: $299 – Sale Price: $39 (over 85% off)

In a world increasingly dominated by big data, fewer skills are more important than those that surround the implementation and use of Amazon Web Services® (AWS)—one of the most popular enterprise cloud computing solutions that’s used by businesses around the world to manage data and promote effective communication. This learning bundle will teach you everything you need to know about this powerful platform through seven hours of high-quality content.

4. Genius Pack Aerial Hardside Carry On Spinner

MSRP: $248 – Sale Price: $174 (over 25% off)

Traveling is stressful enough. There’s no need to add to that stress by dealing with oversized and bulky bags that are a pain to haul around and run up major airline fees. The Genius Pack Aerial Hardside Carry On Spinner (which is super carry-on friendly) makes packing a breeze thanks to its minimalist deign, durable 360º spinner wheels, a secluded laundry compartment, and interior category compartments.

5. 10-Ft MFi-Certified Lightning Cable: 3-Pack

MSRP: $99.99 – Sale Price: $16.99 (over 80% off)

It’s unfortunate that lightening cables are so easy to lose, given their cost and the fact that we rely on them to power a slew of different, must-have devices. This 3-pack of 10-foot lightening cables will ensure that you never have to scramble to find or replace another lightening cable. And since they’re MFi-certified, you know they’ll stand the test of time.

6. RokBlok: The World’s Smallest Wireless Record Player

MSRP: $99 – Sale Price: $89 (10% off)

Audiophiles the world over love vinyl, thanks to its warm and rich sound. Given the fact that it’s not entirely practical to haul around a record player, however, records aren’t as popular as they once were. The RokBlok is brilliantly bringing the record back by acting as a fully-portable, self-contained record player. Just plop the RokBlok on your record and pump out those vintage jams.

7. Ultimate Computer Security Bundle

MSRP: $693 – Sale Price: $29 (95% off)

In an age when hackers are becoming more adept at infiltrating even the most secure servers, demand for ethical or “white hat” hackers has reached record highs. This comprehensive course bundle will give you the skills to combat major cyber attacks before they happen, and help you land an exciting and lucrative career in a variety of fields.

8. Bobine Flex Plus iPhone Dock

MSRP: $34.95 – Sale Price: $24.99 (over 25% off)

We love our devices, but this can mean dealing with an obnoxious sea of cables, adaptors, and syncing docks. The Bobine Flex Plus iPhone Dock makes life much easier by combining a cable, dock, tripod, and stand into a single device that can rightfully claim to be the most flexible charging doc for your iPhone. It’s small enough to fit in your travel bag, and strong enough to engage your iPhone in practically any setting.

9. YoCam Versatile Waterproof HD Camera

MSRP: $199.99 – Sale Price: $99.99 (50% off)

We all know that the GoPro is pretty great. It’s also incredibly overpriced, given the fact that devices like this YoCam Versatile Waterproof HD Camera can do the same stuff for a tiny fraction of the price. This tiny-yet-mighty cam is waterproof in up to 20 feet of water, connects anywhere around the world via a P2P connection, and includes an app that facilitates camera control, live preview, and more.

10. Bolt Charging Bracelet

MSRP: $75 – Sale Price: $29.99 (over 60% off)

We all know how easy it is to lose an iPhone charger. It’s a bit tricker to lose them when you’re wearing one, however, and that’s exactly what this Bolt Charging Bracelet lets you do. Think of this fashionable and practical gadget as the perfect balance between aesthetic, craftsmanship, and modern technology, as you transition from fashion trend-setter to charging station in a flash.

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