While many of the sites you frequent might publish year-end wrap-ups, you might prefer to look ahead at what's to come. Ready to get your fix of virtual reality games? Below, we'll look at 10 offerings to put on your "must check out" list.

1. Rick and Morty's Virtual Rick-ality for PlayStation VR

Featuring a full assortment of voices from the Adult Swim TV show featuring Rick, a mad scientist, and Morty, his grandson, this VR game comes to the PlayStation VR platform for the first time in 2018. While playing it, you're Morty's clone, embarking on a journey spanning multiple dimensions and places. Also, learn the essentials of intergalactic car repair and put objects in the Combinator to make new items. A price for the game has not been published.

2. Sairento VR (Full Version)

Although this game has had several release dates that were ultimately false alarms, the full version is finally set to come out this January. The game lets you assume the role of a member of the Silent Ones, an organization that practices long-held martial arts techniques. Perform coordinated jumps, kicks and more, while playing the game, which takes place in an imagination-driven perspective of Japan. This title works with the Vive and Oculus Rift systems.

The manufacturers have not mentioned a price in their marketing materials. However, consider that the early access version, which does not offer as much content as the upcoming full version, is $29.99.

3. Vinyl Reality (Full Version)

If your dreams center on having a second job as a well-known DJ, consider Vinyl Reality the next best thing. Made in Berlin, it features two realistic turntables, a pair of virtual headphones that let you hear your creations, and a separate audio output so you can share the mixing mastery with friends.

The early access version works on the Vive and Oculus Rift headsets, so expect the same compatibility with the full program. Sources have not mentioned prices, but the game comes out in January, meaning you don't have long to wait for that crucial information.

4. Marvel's Spider-Man

A collaborative effort between Sony Interactive Entertainment, Insomniac Games and Marvel, this PlayStation VR game starring the web-equipped hero promises "elements never before seen in a Spider-Man game," plus an original storyline. During gameplay, you are Spider-Man and spend time being the good guy in New York City, while also navigating the typical challenges associated with relationships.

When can you play it? That essential detail is still under wraps. Stay tuned to your favorite gaming news sources to hear about the official 2018 release date.

5. Anamorphine

Mark your calendar for January 16, 2018, and prepare to buy this narrative-driven game about Tyler, a freelance photographer suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and his wife Elena, a cello player. As you move through the game, you step into Tyler's shoes and unlock clues about his past. Interestingly, this title has no typed words or spoken dialogue.

Buy it for PlayStation VR, the Oculus Rift and Vive. The development company hasn't provided an exact price. But, a comment from an official representative associated with a blog post written this fall promises a price of under $20.

6. Far Home

This title, produced by United Kingdom-based studio DEVCUBESTUDIO, focuses on life in the year 2030, a time when issues like pollution and overpopulation make human existence challenging. Progressing through the game involves exploring five planets. Along the way, you'll encounter living things that either assist you or present obstacles.

In January, you can play an early-access version of the game for either Oculus Rift or Vive. Anticipate the finished version sometime in 2018, too. Pricing details haven't been published.

7. Night of the Living Dead

In 1968, a now-classic film made people terrified of zombies: "The Night of the Living Dead." If you need proof of the movie's influence on popular culture, look no further than news of plans to create a virtual-reality game based on it.

Developers are aiming for a release date sometime in 2018. However, they haven't discussed pricing or platforms.

8. One Piece: Grand Cruise

This game for PlayStation VR features characters from the "One Piece" anime and manga series. You'll sail aboard a ship as one of the Straw Hat Pirates, making sure to defend your vessel from attacks. It'll also be possible to have conversations with entities you meet in the game. As of now, there are no details from PlayStation about specific a release date or pricing details.

9. Knockout League

Love the idea of being a champion-level boxer, but hate the thought of early-morning training sessions and getting your body banged up? Try Knockout League, a single-player game for PlayStation VR. If the title sounds familiar, it's because it originated as computer software and is coming to the virtual reality realm for the first time.

Your opponents in the game range from traditional fighters to an assortment of eclectic characters, such as pirates. Dodge punches with your body without pressing buttons, and sharpen your skills to improve abilities over time. PlayStation has not announced a price for the game yet.

10. Firewall: Zero Hour

Another upcoming offering for PlayStation VR, this shooter game has plenty of action to get you interested in everything happening in the virtual world. In the main game mode, there are teams of four known as Attackers and Defenders. The Attackers try to infiltrate a computer network. Then, as suggested by their name, the Defenders strive to keep it locked down.

Winning a cyberbattle increases your cryptocurrency total. Then, you can use the non-physical currency to buy better equipment for the game's characters. Although reports haven't mentioned pricing, they do include details from players who tried the game at special events and loved it.

If this list is any indication, you won't lack for virtual reality gameplay choices. These titles might give you good reasons to start saving now and have a shopping spree later in the year.

Image by RawPixel