Capcom's latest is more than just a science-fiction mind bender. Remember Me is a AAA launch and the start of a new long term IP for Capcom, so naturally, there's gotta be a lot of guns involved, right?

The latest 10 minute gameplay clip shows just that. The nimble heroine Nilin finds herself stuck on the top of a building and on the run from a crazed aircraft shooting every square centimeter around her. She herself does not hold a firearm, her only weapon being a multipurpose arm-tool used to unlock doors on the fly, disable machinery and add an extra dose of damage to her enemies in melee combat.

Even more exciting is, rather than the brute force of bullets, Nilin must use her wits, parkour abilities and the environment to bring the mechanical beast down to her level and board it.

Much malaise has been aimed at the dialogue and its poor delivery, and I won't deny that. Do your best to block it out because this is one exciting clip otherwise.

Remember Me is shaping up into one to follow. It will be released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next May.

[via VG247]

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