It’s back to the drawing board with Lost Planet 3. Capcom has Spark Limited on the job to rebuild this troubled series as a true blooded third-person shooter, rather than “an action game with guns” as they’ve described the first two.

The Lost Planet series has definitely had its share of problems, but based on what I played in the first one, I don’t believe it was worth completely rebuilding from the ground up. Capcom’s not lying at all when they describe it as “an action game with guns,” and this clever twist gave it a different vibe than every other shooter on the market, pacing it with traditional “level-boss fight” structure. Plus, even the most incompetent games get bonus points if it has a grappling hook.

The problem is while watching this gameplay video, I don’t see much of a difference between the new and the old. Granted, it’s been five years since I played Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions, and my memory might be a bit shaky, but this new game doesn’t seem much different to me. It’s still in stuck third person, and our incredibly sad-eyed soldier friend is still shooting at a boss’ glowing orange weak points from the seat of a giant robot.

The trailer doesn’t show off the open world exploration or side-quests needed to upgrade the bipedal robots, so much of the difference between the two games lies in how the game progresses rather than how it plays.

The whole Japanese fashion aesthetic has also been wiped out though. Anyone remember those character costumes from the first Lost Planet? Good stuff.

Lost Planet 3 is a game I could possibly get excited for, but I’m too bitter over Capcom’s decision to not localize its spin-off title, E.X. Troopers, to give this one much of a thought. Spark Unlimited doesn’t have the best track record, the series as a whole hasn’t proven to be special, and Capcom’s desire to pander towards mass appeal kind of turns me off. I’d say this is one for the fans only.

Lost Planet 3 will be released sometime next year for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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