Apple recently released a trio of new iPhones (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X), so what better time than now to download new apps? Hopefully, we’ll introduce you to some that you’ve never even heard of.

If you’ve been part of the iOS ecosystem over the past few years, chances are you have a stable of trusty apps you use everyday, whether it be Waze or Evernote. With this list, we wanted to go beyond Apple’s best seller list and find the hidden gems.

All the praise gets showered on Fantastical 2 (and for good reason), but I’ve been loving Moleskine’s Timepage, which is a beautifully designed calendar alternative. And there are many more like that on this list worth checking out.

Check out the list down below and let us know if there any other apps you’d recommend.


Opener makes opening links copied from the web in apps super simple. Just copy a link, launch Opener, and it’ll show you the apps the link can be opened in. So if you click on an Instagram link, for example, it’ll open inside the app, rather than in Safari (or your browser of choice). Opener currently supports more than 200 apps, and more are being added everyday. [link]

Price: $1.99


The only Reddit app you need isn’t the official app, but one made by a former Apple intern. Featuring customizable gestures, a powerful media viewer, and full Markdown writing editor, Apollo is the app Reddit users have been dreaming about. It’s a beautiful and clean experience that makes browsing Reddit a breeze—and the good news is it just launched, meaning with updates it’ll get even better. [link]

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Things 3

To-do apps are a dime a dozen, but none are as powerful or beautiful as Things 3. After nearly five years of development, the studio behind the popular Things released the much-anticipated update, and it doesn’t disappoint. With tabs for Today, Upcoming, Anytime, and Someday, Things 3 makes organizing your day super simple, and with calendar support, getting things done was never more fun. [link]

Price: $9.99


The beauty of Workflow is it turns complex actions into a simple button press. For example, you can add an icon to call a favorite contact, or get driving directions to the nearest coffee shop. Workflow can be as powerful as you want it to be—and the great thing is there’s a helpful Today widget, making your favorite workflows easily accessible. [link]

Price: Free


Meteor is an app that will tell you if your Wi-Fi and internet connection quality is good enough for services like Netflix, or even to play online video games. Meteor says it tests your connection’s quality and expected speeds, not peak speeds, which could be misleading. Meteor will give you a breakdown of how well your favorite apps and services will work with your current connection, which could be helpful before you binge watch Stranger Things 2. [Meteor]

Price: Free


Who would’ve thought one of the most beautiful calendar apps would be made by Moleskine? Not only is Timepage a gorgeously designed app, but it’s incredibly smart, too. With travel time estimates, support for a number of calendar services, and advanced features (such as when to leave, weather report, and more), Timepage is the kind of app that will make you forget about iOS’s built-in Calendar app. [link]

Price $4.99

Carrot Weather

Do you like a bit of snark with your weather report? Carrot Weather has earned a reputation for taking a different approach to the traditional weather report, providing users with hilarious captions and beautiful animations. And its weather forecasts are eerily accurate, too, using the DarkSky API for weather data. [link]

Price: $4.99


“CheapCharts helps you get all the amazing digital entertainment you expect from iTunes, AND you get it at the best price anywhere!” the description of CheapCharts reads. The app will track the content you want and alert you when prices drop. It’s handy when you have a lot of movies on your Wish List (I know I do). Even better, the app is well designed and incredibly easy to use. And it’s free! [link]

Price: Free


Aloha ticks all the right boxes you need from a good mobile browser, offering a download manager, VR player, free VPN, and much more. It’s a gorgeous app (with a beautiful icon), and features some great customizability features. I’ve been using Aloha for the past few weeks and haven’t thought of returning to Safari once. [link]

Price: Free

Pocket Casts

Don’t suffer with Apple’s built-in podcast app. Instead, check out Pocket Casts, which has been praised far and wide by critics and fans. It features a fantastic design, customization options, and powerful playback features, including a feature to trim silence and play podcasts back and variable speeds. Once you use it, you’ll understand why people love it so much. [link]

Price: $3.99