Kindle Fire 10

Foxconn has reportedly received orders to build a 10-inch model of Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet. The devices could begin to ship during the second quarter of this year, DigiTimes said recently, which is on a par with what we've heard from other reports. It also suggests that Amazon may launch the device side-by-side with its rumored 8.9-inch Kindle Fire.

Early rumors have suggested that Amazon's next tablet will offer a quad-core processor, and we certainly hope the company adds more to the device than a larger screen. However, it still remains unclear what sort of hardware Amazon's 10-inch tablet might offer.

A report that surfaced on Monday also suggested that Amazon has a 6-inch color E Ink eReader in the pipeline, although rumors have not yet pinned a launch date for that device. Barnes & Noble is also reportedly working on a cheaper 8GB version of its Nook tablet that could go head-to-head with the Kindle Fire. Barnes & Noble's tweaked eReader could launch as soon as this week.

[via DigiTimes]