With the introduction of iOS 13, Apple is bringing a myriad of features that users have been asking for for years. No one who saw the keynote could not come away excited about everything that is coming to the iPhone when iOS 13 later this fall.

However, it would be disingenuous of us if we didn't point out that Apple borrowed plenty of features already available on Android. In saying that, we also recognize Android does the same thing, but sometimes you have to borrow an idea or two...or ten. It benefits everybody, so we're not criticizing, though we are bringing it to light.

Dark mode

Dark Mode isn't a feature that has been in Android for very long, but it was the first modern mobile operating system to introduce it. It blacks out many elements of the software user interface into a dark finish that makes it way easier on the eyes, especially at night. We're really glad Apple stole this idea and are excited to try it out once iOS 13 rolls out to the public in the fall.

Keyboard swiping

Apple was much more egregious with this one. Not only has Android offered the feature for what seems like a decade now, but third-party keyboards available on iOS (like Gboard) have been offering the feature for years. Apple is now absorbing the feature into its own keyboard and it is calling it QuickPath. Fancy name aside, this is another long overdue feature that Android pioneered. Apple is late to the party here, but better late than never.

Photos app layout

If you open up the Photos app in iOS 13, you'll notice that it looks a lot like Google Photos. That's because Apple borrowed many of Google's ideas and added them to its own photos apps. You now have better organization with certain dates highlighted with specific photos that make the day stand out. The grid view in particular adds a lot of organization to the app. These features have been available in Google Photos for a long time and why we think the service is so great. Apple's Photos can now jump on that.

Look Around

Here's another one that is an oldie but a goodie. Google Maps has been offering Street View for years now, but Apple just added a very similar feature to its own Maps service called Look Around. Slowly and surely Apple is stealing every feature from Google Maps, and why shouldn't it? It is the best mapping service around. If you are going to compete with it, then you'll have to borrow its best features.

HomePod listening

HomePod has been lightyears behind Google Home, and Apple is trying to bridge that gap. One way it is doing so is by stealing the Google Home feature that lets the voice assistant remember the voice of multiple users. This will make HomePod a lot better in a crowded home. No more odd interactions where it can't understand the voice of your spouse or child. Just remember this feature has been available on Google Home for a while now.

Notes Gallery view

This one is not as obvious, but it is something Apple stole from Android. Apple's Notes app will now have a gallery view of all the notes instead of just the boring lists. It just so happens this feature has been available on Google services like Docs and Keep for a while now. This makes it much easier and pleasing to go over you rnotes and find the one you need. It's a small change but one that will make the life of Notes users on the iPhone much easier.

CarPlay Dashboard

Apple stole this one fairly recently, but Android did announce it first. Just last month Google unveiled a revamped version of Android Auto that introduced a redesign that looks much smoother and cleaner with side-by-side apps. Come June, Apple introduced similar features with CarPlay in iOS 13. It overhauled the design with refined and rounded finishes. Users with large screens will now have the option to have two apps next to each other.

Improved Siri voice

It's no secret Siri lags far behind Google Assistant. In iOS 13, Apple is trying to catch up by improving the voice of its assistant with a new neural TTS feature. The cadence and enunciation is much more pronounced and easier to understand. One would say it almost sounds as natural as Google Assistant's voice. Siri is still not as good as Google Assistant, but its voice is getting a lot closer.

Sign In with Apple

During the keynote for iOS 13, Apple introduced a new feature called Sign In with Apple. It is positioning the feature with privacy in mind, but it will also be super useful. As useful as the Sign In with Google has been for years. This is more of a Google and Apple thing than an Android and iOS, but since it's close enough, we're including it. Apple's implementation is much smarter and more useful where you dont have to give away your email.

iCloud Drive folder sharing

Google Drive has been a full-fledged service for years now and to improve its own iCloud service, Apple is borrowing the Folder sharing feature. With iOS 13, you can how share folders within iCloud with other people. Again, this is an under the radar feature that won't change anyone's life, but it's a welcome change. Now you can share multiple files at once without going through extra steps to do so.