If you’ve just got a brand new iPhone or iPod Touch for the holidays, sifting through the App Store is no easy feat.We’ve wrangled ten free applications that are sure to secure a spot on one of your many app screens. The whole list is below!


Since its debut in the App Store, Facebook has been among the top 25 free apps, and not without reason.The evolution from 1.0 to 3.0 has seen plenty of improvements and user-demanded features that have brought mobile Facebook up to speed with its web counterpart.Without a doubt, Facebook belongs on every iPhone and iPod Touch.


With the boom in popularity of Twitter, developers have made a pretty penny developing trash apps with little functionality.Among the best available, TweetDeck has separated itself from the garbage with a unique, full-featured app that’s easily one of the best for it’s price.TweetDeck easily handles multiple accounts and syncs with its desktop application.Before you drop money on Tweetie or Twitteriffic, see if TweetDeck handles everything you need.


Easily the best movie application in the store, Fandango allows you to browse local theaters for showtimes and even purchase tickets within the app.You can browse upcoming or recently released movies with reader reviews, trailers, and movie listings.


The two most popular music streaming apps available, Pandora and Last.fm turn your iDevice into one without capacity limits.You can easily setup your own radio stations, browse thousands of others, or search for specific songs that you can’t get out of your head.When you eventually over pack your device with hundreds of apps, either of these apps will fulfill your musical needs.


Applications like Shazam are the reason the App Store has become so successful.Whenever you’re listening to the radio in your car, at a restaurant, or during a commercial, whip out Shazam and it’ll find the song title and artist of whatever’s playing.For those with the iPod Touch, it’ll store your snippets to decode when you’ve found yourself a wireless hotspot.You may not use it everyday, but when you or your friends are dying to know what’s playing, it’s immensely satisfying to lend a hand.


Developed by Apple, Remote allows you to connect to your iTunes library from the same network to control what’s playing.When you’re doing work around the house or laying on the couch, Remote indulges your laziness like no other.If you’ve got an Apple TV, Remote gives you more control than the bundled remote.

taptapTapTap Revenge 3

One of the biggest time sinks in the app store, the Tap Tap Revenge trilogy will feed your hunger for on-the-go Guitar Hero.Tapulous’s third offering allows you to download hundreds of free and paid songs to keep your beat and pass the time waiting in any line.You can play online, competing with others around the world for the high score.The more you play, the more you unlock.It’ll give your fingers the best workout they’ve ever seen.


One of many TV listing applications available, i.TV supports hundreds of local tv listings for both the U.S. and Canada.Although their movie and theatre guide are less impressive than Fandango’s, you can manage your Netflix Queue or control your TiVo/Roku boxes.The handiest feature is easily their push notifications that can be set for specific episodes of any upcoming show.

Google Mobile/Bing

Bringing Android’s popular voice search to the iPhone, Google Mobile allows for hands free web searching that’s impressively accurate.You can also find quick links to any Google App like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs.If you’re Bing loyal, you’ll find many of the same features only a voice search away.

eliminateEliminate Pro

For a taste of some true FPS gaming, Eliminate Pro is easily the best in its class.Connect via 3G or Wifi to play friends and strangers from around the world to unlock new weapons, armor, and upgrades to help massacre your way to the top.Despite a steep learning curve for its touchscreen controls, Eliminate Pro offers hours of action at no cost to you.Ngmoco makes some of the best games in the App Store, and Eliminate Pro is no different.

Here we are, 10 apps later and you haven’t spent a dime.Before your get carried away dropping all your holiday cash in the App Store, be sure to see if these apps can tackle what you need.If there are any applications that you deem ‘must-haves’, be sure to share your finding in the comments below.